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“Grande Pranzo Napoletano"


The “pranzo domenicale” (Sunday lunch) is usually prepared by the nonne, grandmas, with the help of other women of the family, preparing delicious traditional meals with tomatoes being the base to many dishes and is what can be considered as a true cultural ritual.

Villa Severino offers its Great Neapolitan Lunch every Saturday and Sunday, in addition to other public holidays. the Great Neapolitan Lunch, is by reservation only.

Huom! Our proposal for brunch on Saturday and Sunday is a tasting menu that includes a selection of traditional Neapolitan dishes. These dishes require long preparation, so it is essential that the chosen menus are also indicated when booking the table.
On Saturday and Sunday, the kitchen will be dedicated to brunch and it will not be possible to order anything else, alternatively, you can choose from the pizza menu.

Alexa Young, CA

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